Sweet Peas LLC

After the birth of your baby and upon your inevitable need for somebody besides yourself or your family to care for him or her, imagine bringing that sweet baby to a cozy, clean, nicely appointed, inviting, home-like center. Imagine that this special center is staffed with loving, patient, knowledgeable, educated caregivers who are ready to partner with you in the care and development of your baby. They are completely devoted to developing a loving, meaningful relationship with your baby and helping each baby in their care reach his or her developmental potential.

Now imagine that your baby is a toddler, large and in charge! Ready to make new friends and learn about the world with the help and guidance of energetic teachers, knowledgeable in the ways of these curious little people, always available for a hug or a book or a song, who also happen to possess the patience of a saint. Imagine a classroom brimming with opportunities for your toddler to explore, read, play, create, and dance.

Imagine, next, that your toddler is now a preschooler, forming strong friendships, fine-tuning social skills, and getting ready for Kindergarten. Imagine creative, educated teachers who are acutely aware of the developmental needs of your pre-Kindergartener, who offer endless activities and experiences that support the balance between adequately preparing your kiddo for Kindergarten while delivering those lessons in a rich, authentic, engaging, meaningful, age-appropriate way. Imagine a classroom ripe with opportunities for your child to confidently explore educational concepts, relationships, and a variety of materials. Where creativity and innovation are encouraged and revered! Where your child feels valued. Where your child feels at home.

Where might you find such a wonderful place for your little person? With Sweet Peas LLC, of course! We offer a place for children from infants – preschool to flourish and grow during the critical first years of their lives, when positive interactions and relationships, and authentic learning experiences are critical components and predictors of future happiness and success.

Our teachers and caregivers are the best of the best, trained and educated to knowledgeably meet the physical, social, developmental, and educational needs of the children in their care. Our classrooms are clean, well-maintained, inspiring spaces, set up to promote curiosity and exploration. Our teacher-to-child ratios are incredibly low giving each child the opportunity to experience meaningful interactions with the adults in their lives and develop loving bonds with them. Each teacher is able to get to know each child in their care on a deep, personal level, and to personalize their care and curriculum to the needs of each child. Our teachers also experience a high level of satisfaction, and know that they have, indeed, made a difference. These intimate relationships have a profound effect on both the child and the teachers, and study after study reports the life-long effects of positive early experiences for children.

Come pay us a visit! We would love to partner with you in the development and education of your little person!