Welcome to Crickets Little Preschool! Children at Crickets are building friendships and trusting relationships by engaging in problem-solving, conflict managing, and self-regulation. The children also develop skills, such as large and fine motor movement, language and literacy, cognitive and intellectual abilities, and social and emotional skills. Through this class’s stimulating environment, children are supported in their curiosity and strengthening of their attention spans. Life skills such as cooperation and attentive listening are reinforced as children engage in their projects and daily activities. The activities are well-balanced of both guided and self-driven experiences. We utilize the classroom, the outdoors, and field trips to support the curiosity of these avid learners.

Children at this age need patience and guidance as they learn how to interact with their peers and make positive choices. Their language skills and experience in resolving conflicts is increasing. We provide many opportunities for them to practice these skills. They are eager to learn, and they learn best by experiencing and by doing and by PLAYING. Our teachers support their efforts of self-regulation, problem-solving, and cooperation using positive reinforcement. They develop a curriculum that offers rich, authentic, engaging experiences in the areas of language arts, dramatic play, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, creative arts, science, math, music, and movement.

Come visit our classrooms, meet our teachers, and see the kiddos in action!