Sweet Peas

Welcome to Sweet Peas! This infant-focused center caters to the needs of infants from age 1 month to 18 months.  We are not merely a baby sitter or a day care for your baby, but rather a partner in your child’s development. The needs of infants vary greatly from those of older children, and Sweet Peas caregivers are trained to handle the specific developmental, emotional, and physical needs of babies. Nurturing caregivers who are trained and educated to meet the specialized needs of infants provide attentive, affectionate care, immersing the babies in language and love as they perform everyday routines.

The environment is set up to foster all aspects of an infant’s developmental stages. Feeding, diapering, and sleeping compose much of an infant’s day, and meaningful interactions between the baby and the caregiver during these daily routines create endless opportunities for learning and development. The infant’s sense of emotional security is enhanced by the nurturing, loving adults who care for them. The caregivers encourage the appropriate physical skills for each child’s age. The beginning of socialization occurs in this early “classroom”, when the child notices the other children, and appropriate interactions are supported and encouraged. Language development is enriched by teachers who speak and sing frequently to the child and read to him or her regularly throughout day.

A cozy, home-like environment of engaging decor and appropriate toys provides optimum stimulation for an infant’s growth. Floor gyms, mirrors, and soft toys surround the youngest children. As the child matures, the learning materials grow more complex. The child who is able to sit and crawl is introduced to balls, stacking and sorting toys, as well as blocks. The young walker is encouraged with push toys, table toys, and simple art materials. Music is an important element of our day for every infant, youngest to oldest.

Come and visit us to see for yourself how Sweet Peas can be your partner in your child’s development, care, and early learning.